Deceive Me by Karen Cole

A perfect family or a perfect lie?

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Published: July 1st 2019
Page Count: 291
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There are many twists ,turns and secrets throughout this book. It's hard to pick who to believe. All of the characters are well developed and they all had a secret that they were keeping . None of them wanted their secret exposed. The biggest twist however came at the end . It totally blew me away .

When Jo’s teenage daughter goes missing, she feels like the world is collapsing around her. Has Grace been taken or have recent tensions between mother and daughter driven her away?

With little urgency from the police who have dismissed Grace as a teenage runaway who will soon return home, Jo takes matters into her own hands.

But as she gets closer to discovering what has happened to Grace, it looks like the Jo’s deepest, darkest secret is about to be uncovered, and it could destroy everything she holds dear.

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