Happy Dreams at Mermaid Cove by Marie Laval

From the big city to a little yellow mobile library on the Isle of Skye …

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Published: June 22nd 2021
Page Count: 491
This is a pure escapism of a read. The author sets the scene perfectly and doesn’t scrimp on the detail while also managing to weave the perfect happy ever after.

When Jenna Palmer agrees to the new position of mobile librarian on the tiny Arrandale peninsular of the Isle of Skye, she knows she’s signing up for difficult working conditions and mediocre wages. But Jenna needs to get away, and a little yellow mobile library called Buttercup could be her escape to happier dreams …

However, whilst Jenna can get to grips with foggy island roads, local mermaid legends and even big purple monsters, she never expected to have to contend with a boss as grumpy as Daniel McGregor, or a young book lover as enthusiastic as his niece, Katrina.
Arrandale might represent Jenna’s safe port in a storm, but could she and Buttercup also become a beacon of hope to Daniel, Katrina and the entire island community?

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