My Sisters and Me by Lisa Dickenson

They’re fixing up their childhood home. It’s going to get messy.

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Published: August 23rd 2018
Page Count: 260
A good book featuring strong women who have to stand together and try to put the past behind them. A story of family relationships, friendships, and lost love. An entertaining read. I liked the totally different characters of the sisters and the dynamics between them, and how they reverted to their younger selves on returning to their family home.

When Willow Lake asks her daughters for help renovating the family home, each has a reason to hesitate about returning to Maplewood . . .
For quiet and bookish Emmy going back to the town that ridiculed her fills her with dread.

The youngest Noelle is perfectly comfortable in herself now, but once wanted to fit in so badly that she walked away from her first love. A first love who still lives in Maplewood.

And outspoken Rae is painfully aware of how much the townspeople hurt her little sisters growing up. She didn’t protect them then, but there’s no way she’ll let history repeat itself.

The sisters agree to go home and make the best of it. After all if they’ve changed over the years, it’s possible the townspeople have too . . . isn’t it?

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