One More Chance by Lucy Ayrton

Dani hasn’t had an easy life. She’s made some bad choices and now she’s paying the ultimate price; prison.

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Published: June 28th 2018
Page Count: 352
Ayrton’s debut novel was inspired by her work for a woman’s prison charity, which is what gives voice to the character of Dani. Dani felt so real to me that at times I had to keep checking I was reading fiction, rather than an autobiography. One More Chance is a page turner and at times, an eye-opening read about the world of female incarceration.

With her young daughter Bethany, growing up in foster care, Dani is determined to be free and reunited with her. There’s only one problem; Dani can’t stay out of trouble.

Dani’s new cellmate Martha is quiet and unassuming. There’s something about her that doesn’t add up. When Martha offers Dani one last chance at freedom, she doesn’t hesitate.

Everything she wants is on the outside, but Dani is stuck on the inside. Is it possible to break out when everyone is trying to keep you in . . .


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