Summer at Sandcastle Court by Christina Jones

It’s a glorious summer in Firefly Common, but life is far from perfect for the residents of Sandcastle Cottage, especially Kitty who’s currently working as a waitress in The Silver Fish Bar with a lot more than chips on her mind.
Sandcastle Cottage is only available until Mavis Mulholland’s imminent return from her world cruise. Kitty, Apollo, Jemini and Teddy have all lost their homes once before, and it’s not something they want to face again. Especially since they’ve all settled here so nicely.

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Published: March 18th 2021
Page Count: 234
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This was a fun, light read but obviously predictable. And at times a little unbelievable. That being said I enjoyed the story. The characters are fun and likeable especially Apollo. Perfect if you love a romance and don't take it too seriously.

The enigmatic mysterious Vinny, who walks along the beach, alone, is another reason that Kitty is reluctant to leave – she knows there’s more to him than meets the eye.

As the scorchingly gorgeous Firefly Common summer unfurls, as Apollo and Jemini try to make their dreams come true, as Kitty tries hard not to fall spectacularly stupidly in love, and as Mavis Mulholland’s cruise ship nears port – who will end up living happily ever after?
And where…?

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