The Night Shift by Sally Rigby

A kidnapped baby. Press intrusion. A rogue police officer.

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Published: March 7th 2019
Page Count: 62
A great start to the series and looking forward to reading more. This was a shorty story with only 62 pages.

DS Whitney Walker wants promotion but it’s hard when she’s trying to balance motherhood with a career. When a newborn baby is kidnapped from the local hospital she draws on her skills as a mother to help.
Despite being ordered not to, when the leads are going nowhere, Walker enlists the help of a local journalist, who’s convinced that it’s the work of an international baby smuggling ring.

Walker’s plan backfires and she fears they’re running out of time.
The Night Shift, is a novella introducing a younger Whitney Walker, of the Cavendish & Walker crime fiction series. If you like intense UK crime fiction then you’ll love Sally Rigby’s page-turning novella.

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