A Silent Child by Claire Sheldon

The streets are no place for a child…

After a traumatic event that almost ripped Jen Garner’s family apart, life is finally starting to get back to normal. Then a woman’s body is found in the river. Shortly afterwards, a young boy is discovered wandering the streets. He refuses to speak to anyone, just repeats one name over and over, to the confusion of most of the local authorities –but Jen knows exactly who he’s asking for, and it’s enough to make her blood run cold …

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Published: March 23rd 2021
Page Count: 387
I've just finished A Silent Child, the second book in the Lisa Carter series, both books read back to back within 7 days. You could read this as a standalone book however would recommend reading Perfect Lie as it gives you some back story to the Nottingham/London teams and to Lisa Carter. I am now eagerly awaiting the 3rd in the series. This story was a heart wrenching story that will gets you wanting to…


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