Every Little Breath by Keri Beevis

How much could one phone call change your life?

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Published: April 28th 2021
Page Count: 280
Flippin heck what an amazing book. Had me totally hooked from the first two lines "Most people think it is the disposing of a body that will get you caught. I mean, how do you ever truly make someone disappear?" Such a gripping story and so well written. Fitting title for a book as well as there many times when I stopped breathing. Highly recommend you read this book. Its now firmly at the top…

‘Only you can save her. If she dies, it is your fault.’

When radio presenter, Casey Fallon, answers a call she assumes it is a prank. But then a woman’s body is discovered, and she finds herself up against a cruel and calculating killer who wants her to find his victims before they take their last breath.

Fifteen years ago, Casey was a key witness in the trial of serial killer, Steve Noakes, and her evidence helped put him behind bars for the murders of five women.

Someone remembers what happened that summer. Someone who is desperate for revenge. Someone who won’t stop until Casey has been punished.

‘You saved a life once. Can you do it again?’

The game is just beginning…


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