Paper Girls by Alex Smith

The one case he couldn’t crack was the one that finally broke him.

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Published: October 1st 2019
Page Count: 284
The first in the DCI Kett series and he's still dealing with his wife being missing and looking after 3 young children when he moves to Norfolk and helps with a case of the paper girls being kidnapped. Had me gripped from page 1. So many twists and turns and the writing is just fantastic. There's also some humour in there too whilst Kent struggles the demands of his kids who are also missing their…

Haunted by his inability to track down and save his missing wife, DCI Robert Kett leaves the Metropolitan Police behind and moves to Norwich with his three young children, hoping to heal their broken family.

But his newfound peace doesn’t last. Two newspaper delivery girls have gone missing in the city, and the clues point to a serial kidnapper.

Kett is dragged into the centre of one of the darkest cases of his career — a case that pits him head to head against a horrifying evil.

And a case that might uncover the terrible truth of what happened to his wife.

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